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Family Law

Experienced. Capable. Compassionate.

During their over 30 years in family law practice, the Keil law office has helped more than a 1,800 people resolve difficult family law matters. This family law practice offers clients top-notch legal services at reasonable rates. Jim and Paula are creative in litigating and settling cases including, but not limited to, the following areas:


Break-ups are emotionally and financially draining. Stress creeps in as conflicts arise. Where will you each live? Should you sell the house? Where will the children stay? Who gets them at Thanksgiving and Christmas? What happens if one of you decides to remarry? How will you deal with relocation? Jim and Paula are experienced matrimonial lawyers who provides aggressive and competent legal representation in marital disputes. Get the legal advice you need to make peace with divorce.

Child support

Child support is one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. Arrearage collections are expensive and take time. Attorneys Jim and Paula work with custodial parents who are awaiting child support payments and non-custodial parents who can no longer afford to keep up with child support payments. Get the help of an experienced legal advocate.

Child custody

Parents inevitably fight over where the children will live. Parents may submit an agreed-upon parenting plan addressing primary care, parenting time and decision-making or can litigate these issues before a judge, who will make the decision. The best interests of the children, including their physical, emotional and mental needs are paramount in this analysis. The Keil law office offers aggressive legal representation in custody cases. Schedule a initial consultation to discuss your child custody concerns.

Alimony or spousal maintenance

A spouse qualifies for alimony/spousal maintenance when they have insufficient income from employment and insufficient property to support themselves. The parties can agree upon the amount and duration of alimony/maintenance payments or the issue may be presented to a judge for determination. Once a spouse qualifies for maintenance, there are a number of factors which the court reviews to help it determine the amount and duration of alimony/maintenance. Some of these considerations include the mental, physical and emotional health of the spouse seeking maintenance, the lifestyle enjoyed and the duration of the marriage, and the ability of the spouse from whom maintenance is sought to meet their own needs while paying the other spouse alimony/maintenance.  Colorado now has a guideline for spousal maintenance which is only advisory and is filled with exceptions that the Keil law office can help you navigate.

Post-divorce modifications

When relocation, a change in circumstances with respect to the children or your finances makes it difficult to keep up with the terms of your divorce decree, You need to speak to the attorneys at the Keil law office about modification.

Common Law Marriage

Colorado is one of a few states that still recognizes common law marriage.  The Keil law office has litigated a number of common law marriage cases, both for and against over the last 31 years.  Common law marriage is often difficult to prove or defend against because of factual disputes between the parties and the lack of a statute which defines common law marriage.  Common law marriage is proven by cohabitation and repute and those terms are defined only in Colorado case law.  The Keil law office is well versed and experienced in representing clients in common law marriage cases.  Call for a consultation.


Jim Keil handles even the most complex family law appeals. Over the years, he has worked with clients to reverse lower court decisions. He has had a number of unpublished appellate opinions. His published appellate cases include:

  • In re the Marriage of Talbott, 43 P.3d 734 (Colo. App. 2002)
  • In re the Marriage of Chalat, 94 P.3d 1191 (Colo. App. 2004)
  • In re the Marriage of Chalat, 112 P.3d 47 (Colo. 2005)


The Keil law office serves counties throughout Colorado, including but not limited to: Denver, Boulder, Jefferson, Arapahoe,  Douglas, and Adams.