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Frequently Asked Questions

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Attorney James J. Keil, Jr. (“Jim”) welcomes your questions about family law or traffic tickets in Colorado. Send him an email with your question, and he will try to respond within one or two business days. For your reference, answers to frequently asked questions are posted on this website. Keep in mind that these answers are for general information purposes only, and do not constitute legal advice:

Family law questions

Traffic law questions


What does family law include?

Family law includes divorce, property division, the allocation of decision-making and parenting time (custody and parenting time), child support, alimony, maintenance, the award of attorney’s fees, paternity, adoption, and post-divorce decree issues.


How long does it take to get a divorce?

That depends. A divorce can take as little as 90 days or as much as a few years. An uncontested divorce is rare, and children and money are among the most highly contested matters. Your attorney can offer constructive legal advice to chart a course of resolution through settlement negotiation or mediation. However, when settlement is not an option, you want an attorney who can try your case. A judge, rather than a jury, decides the outcome if your divorce reaches the trial stage.


What happens to the children?

In Colorado, the courts encourage frequent and continuing contact between parents and children regardless of whether the parents are married. In paternity, custody, and divorce cases involving children, parents can agree upon a parenting plan and submit it to the court or litigate the issues of decision-making, primary care, and parenting time.

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How much does a divorce cost?

That depends. Uncontested divorce cases are rare but far less costly than those where the parties participate in protracted litigation. Hiring an attorney is a healthy and wise choice whether you are seeking advice concerning settlement or planning your trial strategy. When you consider what is at stake in family court, finding the right family law attorney can help you maintain child custody and preserve personal assets during the course of the litigation.


What happens to our retirement fund?

In a divorce, IRA, 401(K), or other retirement assets can be allocated between spouses without incurring any tax penalty. This division is accomplished by use of a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO).

Social Security benefits, on the other hand, cannot be divided between spouses. However, the courts may choose to allocate a greater amount of the marital assets to a spouse that is disadvantaged when it comes to Social Security benefits.

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Why should I hire an attorney to defend my traffic ticket?

In the long run, it may cost you less to hire an attorney when you calculate the lost time, possible increases in insurance rates, and the fines. An experienced traffic lawyer can provide you with information and advice to help you make decisions in these difficult situations. In some cases, an attorney can help you reduce the charges or reduce the number of points associated with the ticket.


What is a motor vehicle hearing?

A motor vehicle hearing occurs when you are charged with an expressed consent violation, accumulate too many points on your driving record, or drive under suspension or revocation. While these proceedings are administrative in nature, a lawyer with experience in motor vehicle hearings can reduce the number of months that your license will be suspended and present legal defenses in express consent revocation hearings.

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